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How to Set Up a Blood Drive

Hosting a blood drive is a great way to show your organization cares about the community. A blood drive also can boost employee morale and support team-building. You may want to conduct a survey of interest. All you need are 15 or more blood donors to host a drive.

Easy steps to a successful drive:

  1. Set a date.
  2. Choose a location (we have 2 different set ups depending on the amount of space available).
  3. Make preliminary arrangements.
  4. Publicize and promote the drive (we will supply you with all the promotional materials you will need).
  5. Recruit blood donors.

To schedule/host a blood drive, contact one of our local coordinators

Cumberland and Perry Counties

Kacy Englebrook
Phone: (717) 525-1154
Email: kenglebrook@cpbb.org

Dauphin County

Sue Billett
Phone: (717) 571-3859
Email: sbillett@cpbb.org

Downtown Harrisburg and Camp Hill

Kathy O’Day
Phone: (717) 571-3876
Email: koday@cpbb.org

Lancaster County

Dana Lipson
Phone: (717) 571-3869
Email: dlipson@cpbb.org

Lebanon County

Stephanie Kaylor
Phone: (717) 576-1139
Email: skaylor@cpbb.org

York and Adams Counties

Rick Pope
Phone: (717) 991-5049
Email: rpope@cpbb.org

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